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Meet Team Legacy

Donise Floyd, PhD

CEO and Founder

Dr. Donise Floyd is the founder and managing member of Legacy Greens, a vertically integrated Cannabis Company.  She holds BS and MS from U of Detroit Mercy.  In addition to a PhD in Leadership.  Throughout her career, she has been instrumental in developing teams, building sustainable programs, formulating compliance models and have been instrumental mentoring and impacting the community.  She has been an administrator, educator, professor, mentor, business owner, and advocate for the community.  Dr. Floyd owns and runs several businesses and has several years’ experience with cannabis products and distribution.

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Pamela Gaynor

General Manager and Cannabis Cultivator

Pamela Gaynor has a background in re-entry and crisis prevention. She is currently studying to be a psychiatrist. This work led to research and analyzation of alternative medicines to support individuals with mental health issues.  She is currently a community advocate for youth with mental health concerns and have strong leadership ties to the community. She has many years' experience with cultivating and processing cannabis products.

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Rubin Lindo, CEO, BlakMar Farms

Advisory Board Member

Ruben Lindo is an experienced voice of reason and strong proponent for social equity in the  New York State marketplace and beyond, as the business of cannabis and federal legalization  become a more realized possibility.  
After his career start as a two-time All-American football player at the University at Buffalo and  playing professionally for more than 10 years in various leagues. Ruben retired in 2005 and  transitioned to Executive Management in the high tech and finance industries, before entering  the hemp and legal cannabis industries. He founded Blak Mar Farms, a minority-owned and  operated, multistate cultivation operation specializing in luxury craft cannabis products, in 2019,  and is the CEO of Phoenix Nutraceutical, which houses the Aminatu CBD beauty brand and  Blitz CBD sports recovery products. He is also the President and CEO of Herbn Couture, a  luxury cannabis events production company.  
As one of the first successful African American CEOs in the cannabis space, Lindo strives to  create attainable opportunities for those adversely affected by systemic racism. His proposal to create an ethical and equitable cannabis industry by reducing barriers contributing to the lack of  representation of those impacted by the failed War on Drugs, including people of color and other  marginalized community members.

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Linda Diakite Karressy, Founder and Owner, Insight Financial Group

Advisory Board Member

Linda Diakite Karressy, is Founder of Insight Financial Group along with Insight Business Academy. Insight Financial Group not only offers accounting services and training but also serves as a business advisor to help organizations improve, analyze, and interpret accounting data.    
Linda earned her Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Indiana University Bloomington and a Masters in Public Affairs in nonprofit management from the IUPUIs School of Public Affairs.  While at Indiana University, Previously Linda worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Cardinal Health and Raytheon in a variety of accounting roles. Linda has experience in financial analysis, reconciliations, and budgeting.  Linda has written articles for Inside Indiana Business, Black Girls Venture, and Medium Magazine.  Linda’s motto is “Keeping Accounting Simple.”

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Tiffany Yarde, CEO, SHOKi Beverages

Advisory Board Member

Tiffany Yarde is the CEO of SHOKi™, a NYS corporation operating a premium beverage and lifestyle brand of spirit-free cocktail mixers powered by cannabis in the states of California and New York. She is also the owner of Motovino, a wine education platform that was created based on a decade of experience designing operations strategies and marketing principles for global companies in the legal sector. Tiffany, as an experienced entrepreneur, and cannabis beverage manufacturer who understands that relationships are the network for life. She has 15 years’ experience in branding, communications, business development, and human resources for international companies and four years’ experience in the regulated California cannabis market. Tiffany is also the author of the professional development book, How to Wine With Your Boss and holds an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Business with program honors in Economics from Fordham University, a master of science degree in Human Resources Management and a certification in communications both from New York University. Tiffany is also a certified food safety manager and terpenes specialist with a level 1 certificate from the Trichome Institute.

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Proud Member of

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